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WhatsApp Group Chat – Techniques used in the Retention of key performers

Most businesses are well aware of the fact that retaining key performers is no longer a matter of their least concern if anything its absolutely essential to the company’s growth especially since such talent is not easy to come by. Moreover, the success and longevity of a business in today competitive business environment depend on employee retention. It begins and ends with the retention of not just employees, but key performers as well. Given that high replacements; costs a company one-fifth of that worker’s salary.

We @SourcingAdda realize the implications of losing key performers and their impact on organizational growth and success. And have therefore created a discussion platform that addresses the common challenges today’s HR fraternity faces so as to arrive at possible solutions to overcome them. And thanks to one of our Bangalore group member’s Champa who suggested we discuss on, “Retention of key performers; an important metric for HR in each of the company’s today and the different techniques used in retaining high performers?” We have disclosed the insights shared for your review in an attempt to provide assistance in the area of concern here under…

The conversation above certainly has a lot of interesting insights to offer on the challenge of retaining high performers which if implemented appropriately can be very effective in overcoming this challenge. Such as having an open-door policy, 360-degree feedback, regular appraisal cycle or maintaining a list of key performers to whom you can present awards is a good tactic to facilitate key performer’s retention. Most of the time, such individuals usually leave due to the company culture so ensuring that your culture is in keeping with a key performer’s expectations is essential. Sometimes even if the culture is good but the growth opportunities are limited is another reason why your high performers leave your organization. In such a scenario, creating new growth opportunities that are different from the ones they are already apart of can enable the retention of high performers as it gives them something new to add to their learning.

The aspects mentioned above have proven instrumental in the retention of not only employees but also in the retention of key performers in some organizations. Therefore inculcating these techniques in your organizations’ employee retention plan can be very effective to you too. Moreover, you should know that key performers retention is just one of the many challenges we’ve addressed in our regular discussions so you might also find Positions in demand within the IT sector & the challenges with finding skilled Talent an interesting read with tips you can be sure to incorporation in your organization’s recruiting plans. If your interest lies more towards first – hand information about the trending topics then here’s what you can do in 2 simple steps; namely,

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