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WhatApp Group Chat – Ways to create Boolean Searches to improve the Quality of profiles

Talent Acquisitionist’s are constantly searching for the desired talent and are looking for ways to capture such talent. Recruiters when Sourcing for Top Talent need to make tweaks to the search strings created to improve the quality of profile results. But what tweaks need to be done to get the desired results; that’s the question?
The Discussion conducted by @Sourcingadda on the WhatsApp groups addressed this very query. And we’re sure you’re just as curious as one of our Bangalore group member Hillole who suggested we have a discussion on, “Ways to create Boolean searches to improve the quality of profiles” And here’s what we uncovered thanks to the insights shared by our members so let’s find out…

The discussion attached above shade some light on the different variations that one can use when creating search strings to get the desired results. Souring for talented candidates isn’t easy and to catch them you need to be very creative when using keywords in a search string. You have to keep modifying your search strings and the keywords used to get the desired results. We hope the inputs shared can help you further in modifying your searches to enable you to catch those purple squirrels you need for your organizations.

If you’ve found these insights interesting then you’d like to know more about the Different IT Techniques used to simplify the HR Process for HR which is quite handy. And now that you’ve read this far and have added to your learning then we’re sure you’d like to know how you can be an active contributor and learner then here’s what you can do in 2 simple steps, namely…

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