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How to Double your Twitter Connections?
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How to Double your Twitter Connections?

Most individuals have an account with some or the other Social Media channel with Twitter being a popular one. Whether you are a Commoner or a Recruiter or a Sourcer you have to have connections. If not then you need to make connections. Especially if you have to select candidates with the desired calibre and skill sets for the vacancy.

So if you’re a Twitter user and you need to Source Candidates here are a few ways on “How to double your Twitter Connections?”

Complete your Profile

Ensure that you have a profile picture so that people can identify you, view other people’s profiles and take notes so that you can improve your profile. Choose your words wisely so that you can make a compelling bio data to attract more users because let’s face it we all want to get noticed.

Engage your Followers

Ensure that you tweet more, so that people can tweet you too. This will help you to build your connections. Keep posting so people follow you and when you have people following you make sure you follow them back. Pay attention to Twitter Analytics to find out what topics interests your audience. Once you know that then be sure to Tweet the same. Besides you can post content in any media form videos, blogs, images, quotes, poles etc. to keep your followers engaged. Sometimes even a simple thank you Tweet to new followers or favourites and retweets received can be engaging. For similar tasks you can use tools like Commun’it to schedule such Tweets on a weekly basis for instance.      

Find new Followers

Use your present connections to search for Talent or in turn build your connections. Also look for and follow more people with similar interests. As they will most definitely be following people who are like minded who you can follow to grow your connections once they follow you back. Don’t restrict your- self to individuals within your profession especially since you have to be on the lookout for Sourcing Talent across different fields.

Get Involved  

It is essential for you to join in on weekly Twitter Chats and tweet your connections regularly. Tweeting on a monthly basis too will help people to get to know you better and they will in return tweet and follow you as well. By implementing these simple tips you will improve your Twitter Connections twice fold and you are likely to be noticed not just by your connections but by Talent Acquisitionists as well. This will enable you to get a pool of qualified individuals that will boost your Recruiting and Sourcing process. If you found this interesting then you will also like the Social Media Recruiting strategy.

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Twitter Channel for Communication – The Answer to Branding Needs
Twitter Channel for Communication - The Answer to Branding Needs

All you Twitter fans out there with interesting Tweets will be delighted to know that you’re all – time favourite SMS channel comes with additions which you most definitely will enjoy. Your frequently visited site is new and improved, to optimise your experience.

These advanced features will help you to share and edit your videos, personalise your timeline highlights, with improved Direct Messages (DMs) instant timelines and a repositioned posting. This will be easier for new users to navigate within Twitter and build contacts.

Share Tweets

With the update to DMs one can share Tweets privately with any of their followers, and that person will immediately receive a push notification. And then this tweet will display directly in the DM conversation. Now instead of Tweeting every little thing, it can be done by messaging.

Share Links

This feature was initially abandoned to avoid spam, but has been re-installed to bring life to the relatively unused private messaging feature. So now you can even send links to boost branding needs. This feature is also available for Tweet Deck which can prove handy for community managers present on the platform.

Messaging advantages

Who will benefit?

Both Community and Recruiters alike can benefit as they can connect with a vast number of people easily and faster. Here’s how…

Community Managers

Through direct messaging community managers can deal with negative reviews or issues faced by consumers.  All they need to do is send private messages to consumers to let them know that their views will be taken into consideration and if possible their issues will be resolved, that too on a personal base.  Aside from this they can also connect with influencers as and when required, on a personal base.


With the help of direct messaging, recruiters can communicate to a vast number of candidates by sending messages to candidates they wish to interview.  They too can interact with influencers in order to gather more suitable candidates of the right calibre. Both these aspects can be achieved on a personal base in a professional manner.  To add to this, even messaging their Twitter friends, to let them know about any job openings.


Networking between friends and colleagues is now possible as they too can exploit this feature to their advantage. This in turn will boost the connections and improve the quality of hires as well.

Engaging qualities

This new feature will no doubt get more of your connections to Tweet and send messages of posts that they like and would like to share or comment and Tweet.

So there you have it, you can now make the optimum use of this messaging feature nonetheless. And in the process improve your connections so that you have ones that you can always fall back on, in the event that suitable candidates aren’t available. Besides, a simple message can have a lasting impact on the ones involved and also improve one’s branding needs.

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What Marketer’s and Recruiter’s should know about Twitter Profiles?

What Marketer's and Recruiter's should know about Twitter Profiles

Most companies and recruiters have modified their marketing and recruiting methods to accommodate the changing times. In view of this change, Twitter has made a few changes to its profile display for its many users.

These changes are vital for every user including marketers and recruiter’s alike, as this has a bearing on the company’s branding and in scouting potential recruits. This adds up to a loss of qualified individuals if one isn’t aware of these trivial; yet important changes, hence both parties need to be up to date with the current trends. Therefore, an article titled, “What Marketer’s and Recruiter’s should know about Twitter Profiles.”

Profile Pictures

Twitter has updated the size of its profile image, which is now expected to be 400 by 400 pixels; this is done to cater to the current trend and is in line with most social networking formats. These dimensions make you profile pic more viewable.

Header Image

Your header image size is now 1500 by 500 pixels, giving its users a Facebook like experience that is larger than it originally was. This size is perfect as it doesn’t obscure your profile image, bio – data and it improves the look of your profile all together.

Best Tweets

Now users will be able to identify their best tweets as they will appear in a slightly bigger font so you get at a glance all the tweets that have received the most engagements. Doesn’t this make everything so much easier to track and modify if required?

Pinned Tweets

Users can now choose which specific tweets they would like to be pinned to the top of their profile. Wow isn’t that amazing! Now your profile will look more professional as you can pick tweets that best suit your profile description.

Filter Profile Views

With the new developments that Twitter has made you can now filter all the profile views of others on the bases of tweets only, tweets plus reply’s,  or tweets with photos  or videos. Doesn’t this help you look for what you want to view easier and time saving?

New Grid views

This particular style enables one to view their followers, or the ones they are following and the posted content in a grid style that is similar to that of Pinterest. Doesn’t this layout make all the difference to the way you view your followers and the ones following you including the content posted.

Well now that you are aware of the changes that Twitter has made to its profile layout, what are you waiting for, might as well implement them and use it to your advantage to apply to job openings and get selected for an interview in the process. Everyone else will definitely be modifying their profiles, than why shouldn’t you, especially if it can make all the difference to your career. So sign in to your Twitter profile right now and watch you advance in your career ladder that most of us tend to miss out on.   

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