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What is a Job Fair?
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What is a Job Fair?

You’ve heard this term so many times yet, it never occurred to you to know more about it or to speak to people either. Well yours is a story, one that I’ve heard countless times.  Ever wondered what it is or have you just taken things at the face value and decided to disregard any of it? Don’t fret; it’s a relief to know that you’re not the only one.

So if you’re looking for more information about Job Fairs then you are on the right track. Besides it’s about time you found out more about Job Fairs. Hence, the question “what is a Job Fair?” arises in peoples mind. In the light of this new development, I have addressed the question that is often overlooked by countless others like you, the reader.

What is a Job Fair?

As the term suggests, it is mainly to do with recruiting, careers and job hunters.  It is also known by other names such as Career Fairs, Career Expositions (Expo), Career Campaigns etc. are a few popular names that are used by commoners. These are conducted mainly for employers, recruiters and schools in order to meet with prospective job seekers. Such opportunities are caught and used by job seekers and even employers, recruiters, students and schools alike.  The Job Fairs are of two types, mainly Traditional and Online Job Fairs. By now you’re probably wondering how these individuals benefit from such events. So we’ll be addressing each individually, to get a clear idea.

Types of Job Fairs

Traditional Job Fairs

The traditional job fairs are ones that you have probably heard of and are conducted on a personal level.  

Online Job Fairs

While Online Job fairs as the name suggest s are conducted online.  When we say online we mean that the entire procedure will be conducted virtually.

Benefits of Job Fairs

Students Benefit

Students go in for such fairs as it gives them information about –

  • The companies that are hiring
  • Job opportunities that they are likely to get as a fresher
  • They get to meet with the current employees to find out what is the work culture like
  • To find out what’s it like to work with this company
  • Get information about a sector or opportunity that seem interesting or are interested in

Companies Benefit

These events are perfect for companies because they give them –  

  • An opportunity to build the brand of the company
  • Rectify misconceptions and negative reviews floating around about the company
  • Meet the perspective candidates and identify the quality available in the market
  • Develop valuable connections to meet recruitment as well as business needs
  • Create a name and form a reputation so that people will be likely to work for them

Recruiters Benefit

Apart from the company benefits that have been mentioned some other benefits that can be added are –

  • They get to interact with potential recruits on a large scale
  • They get first – hand information on the quality of the candidates in the market
  • Helps them build connections that they can fall back on to serve their recruitment needs
  • Meet influential people whose views matter

School & Educational Institutes Benefit

Theses platforms help them to –

  • Build their brand
  • By hosting job fairs it also helps students get employed immediately after the final year of their course
  • Build strong connections with hiring companies to hold such events regularly and get their students selected
  • Hold guest lectures by these individuals and build awareness about the current market scenario
  • Hold conferences that help in the all-round development of students

Well doesn’t this clear out all the doubts that we may have had originally and we can say that we have a little more knowledge about what a Job Fair is its types and who benefits from such events. So there you have it, if you have any pointers to add and you can then list them out in the comments section.

Sourcing ADDA
Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat – Best Practices in Gender Diversity Hiring
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There has been a lot of talk about Diversity Hiring with most of us as Talent Acquisitionists agreeing to the concept of Diversity Hiring. We’ve looked at all the possible aspects both positive and negative and have come to the conclusion that Diversity Hiring is great in all aspects talk about Growth of the company, retaining Talent so on and so forth.

Even in our latest annual event #TASCON16 we’ve covered this topic and have reached the same conclusion. But can this conclusion change when you bring the variable Gender in to perspective? Now that’s something to think about, fortunately we’ve gone one step ahead @SourcingAdda and decided to hold our monthly #SourcingChat on the topic, “Best Practices in Gender Diversity Hiring”. You’d be surprised at the responses we’ve received at least we were.  And we’re sure that you too are excited to learn which the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat were so here they are…


Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.1 Does diversity hiring affect the workplace culture? #SourcingChat

Aditi Sharma@aditi_sha26

A1: It increase the adaptability of an organisation, it helps us to get a variety of viewpoint.

#sourcingchat  https://twitter.com/SourcingAdda/status/727808362407153664 …

Manish Pipalwa@pipalwa

A1#diversity #Hiring Brings Diverse & Hidden Talents. Diverse Minds, Build Culture #SourcingChat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.2 What is the role of diversity hiring in business growth? #SourcingChat


@GautamGhosh @Sarangbrahme Like #LGBT, Ethnicity, PwD ,Multi Gen #Diversity #SourcingChat

Adrenalin eSystems@adrenalinHRMS

A2.It will help in extending company’s market place reach & also promote company’s brand in positive way #SourcingChat #adrenalinHRMS

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.3 What are the various ways to improve diversity hiring practices in your organisation? #SourcingChat

Aditi Sharma@aditi_sha26

A3: make #diversity as a part of ur company’s brand image #Sourcingchat

Soniya Sharma@soniyasharmahr

A3 To improve diversity in hiring, hire for skills, competency, experiences etc. & not on religion, gender or caste #SourcingChat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.4 How does your organization encourage in diversity hiring? #SourcingChat

Vikas Dua@vykasdua

A4. @Wipro workplace diversity & inclusion r key focus areas. Top Mgmt driving with sr. leader in charge #SourcingChat @SourcingAdda

Sumeet Jindal@sumeetjindalin

@SourcingAdda especially in manufacturing having locals and non-locals in the demographics is of essential need. It helps #sourcingchat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.5 As a recruiter, have you used any method/tool for sourcing diversity talent? #SourcingChat

Amit Patel@amitpatelHR

A5. Partner with multicultural professional associations and student groups @SourcingAdda #SourcingChat


#SourcingChat 1)Create the right jobs & working conditions/environment 2)Have extensive conversations within Org #GenderSensitization

Well from these interesting responses we can conclude that even Gender Diversity Hiring can boost the growth of the Company and can affect the Culture as well. Apart for this we have even learnt so many different things that we can do to improve the success of the organisation we represent. How great is that?

In order to receive more interesting insights and perspectives it is very important for you to be part of these #SourcingChats if you aren’t already. So follow us to get real time updates to our upcoming activities so be sure to follow @SourcingADDA.


Sourcing ADDA
Recruitment Goals: People or Number
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Tapping into an ever changing, highly competitive job market is the primary goal of any recruitment agency. And, with such agencies mushrooming everywhere, many a time there is a mad scramble for candidates making it more of a number game than a talent hunt.

But, recruitment at its core is a process to procure eligible candidates for suitable vacancies in companies, meant to benefit both at the end. Hence, staffing solutions for sure cannot be numbers oriented totally. While targets have to be chased with profits in mind, any recruiter worth his or her salt well understands the fact that ultimately every candidate is unique, having personality, skills and traits different from others.

shutterstock_104549660 Read more …

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