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How to Conduct a Successful Campus Recruitment Program?

We are all aware of the concept of Campus Recruitment program but how many of us as recruiters can ensure that it will be a successful event. I think we all know the answer to that not that often. With more and more companies turning to social networking sites to fulfill all their recruitment needs. Wouldn’t it be great if we had the right tools and the knowledge that goes with it, to improve our performance on the whole? Therefore, the question, How to Conduct a Successful Campus Recruitment Program” comes to the fore.  So let’s find answers to this question.

Form Relations

For campus recruitment to be successful it is essential that you build, develop, manage and maintain campus relationships. This can be achieved mainly by long term results and not by short term ones and is definitely built upon strong relationships. Some ways this can be done are –

  • Hold internships programs
  • Hold career fairs, job-posting services
  • Hole On-campus recruiting programs
  • Continuing internship programs
  • When openings aren’t available, take the initiative to continue the relationship by
  • Taking part in mock interviews
  • Performing resume critiques
  • Host introductory sessions
  • Be a guest speaker

    These are some ways that you can form and strengthen your relationships.

Start with realistic goals

Whoever has been in the recruiting industry long enough will agree that recruiting starts with developing realistic goals. When setting goals and to identify whether they are based on supply, demand and related facts here are a few questions that you might want to ask –

  • How large is the potential pool?
  • Where are the candidates?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are they offering?

If you do all of this work upfront you’ll definitely be able to set reachable goals that are fact-based.

Measure and analyze the results

To be a success, it is essential that you analyze and measure your results so that you can get a fair idea about the progress. Here are some tips –

  • Track how many hires you make
  • Track your interviews on the number of offers, offer to acceptance and also the retention rates

These insights will help you understand where the problems are. For Instance, if there are a high number of interviews but fewer offers then you know that there is a problem with screening. Similarly, if you extend many offers but receive few acceptances that could mean that there is something wrong in this aspect of the procedure. Some other questions you should ask are –

  • Is your job description too vague, meaning that your candidates can’t screen themselves out?
  • Are you unclear about what you want in a candidate?
  • Where are the snags?
  • Are your salaries competitive?
  • Are you taking too long to extend the offer—and thus losing candidates to other organizations?
  • You can also find out the reasons as to why your offers are being turned down

Start an Internship program

Well, this is a perfect strategy to improve your hires and make them full-time employees that too by simply holding an internship program. These interns are likely to be good employees as they can be molded into working in accordance with the employer. They are perfect candidates that you can invest in to build your company.

Make sure that you focus on all these aspects, if you wish to have a successful Campus Recruitment Program, this will also improve you’re branding if done effectively.  There you have it, you can now be assured that the Campus Recruitment Program will be a success if everything is done effectively and in an efficient manner.

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