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Effective Outbound Recruiting Strategies

The recent developments in the recruiting field have resulted in the crowding of Social Media with posts that can affect the quality of hires. So as an alternative to this, recruiters can take advantage of traditional methods that seem to be fading out. One such strategy is that of outbound Recruiting. The outbound recruiting strategy never grows old; as if all other methods fail, recruiters can always rely on the outbound process for their recruitment needs.

So recruiters can look at the outbound recruiting strategies as a safety net to fulfill your requirements. These are very effective ways to build your company’s branding and even get the word out of your company and its products. So let’s find out more about these strategies that seem to be the answer to our recruitment issues.

Leverage the right people

When we talk about leveraging people, we are referring to individuals that were part of or within your organizations having a significant or a relatively important place in your company or individuals that are a part of the institute where you wish to conduct your campus recruitment.  For instance, alumni from that same institute or employees or interns from your company can have an impact on the applicants. Aside from this even if you have former students as your employees or interns holding the sessions that too can affect the candidate’s attitude towards your company.

Using Existing Platforms

Existing platforms such as your company’s website and of course social media that aren’t as crowded as the popular ones can also impact a potential recruit’s attitude to your company. You can also use popular media if you get responses. So make sure that all these platforms have positive content on them at all times and are updated from time to time so that they promote a healthy attitude towards you and your company. As this too affects the quality of candidates you receive.

Have a Personalised Strategy Ready

Research has proven that students are likely to respond to personalized methods of connecting to them for a particular job opportunity. You can also use frequently used job portals to meet your requirements, even though it is an online mode of communicating your job vacancy and that too a cost-effective one, I presume.  Make use of a resume book database or an institute’s resume book database. When emailing such potential recruits, ensure that you do it directly from your company; it makes a big difference in their perception of your company.

Hold Company Presentations

This is a great way to get to know potential candidates, as they have a chance to interact with you on a first-hand base and get all their queries or doubts resolved immediately. Besides students will respond better to your campus recruitment in the future as they have met the company representatives. So whenever you do hold a campus recruitment session, make sure you inform the ones who questioned as they are the ones who are sure to respond and notify their friends who are seeking a similar job opportunity. When conducting a presentation ensure that you have the right people, as this plays a major role in the impact that you have on potential recruits as a company looking to recruit talented individuals.

Career Fairs

This is another interesting technique that can yield good results. It is relatively similar to campus recruitment but the difference lies in the participation of several companies from different fields ranging from small, medium to large-sized. So your competitors increase, thus, limiting your chances of capturing the right talent with the desired qualifications. Nevertheless, it’s a great platform to build a reputation so that the next time you participate in one, you are likely to receive a better response nonetheless.

Therefore, make sure to use these alternative techniques to capture talented individuals that best suit your needs and to boost your selection process of recruiting. This is a nice opportunity to take advantage of, especially since most companies prefer to scout for candidates using social networking sites rather than making use of the traditional methods that can still be applied for the same purpose. To end on a positive note here’s something to think about, “Opportunity; is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” – Thomas A. Edison. If you have any views do post them in the comments section and we’ll be glad to add them in.

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